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Our Solution work on over 5,000 different mobile devices and renders your mobile website to their mobile device for viewing optimization

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As we remember early age of the internet, pages were designed for low-resolution CRT monitors and slow modems. Web full of the text, and occasional JPEG or GIF images decorated pages here and there. Most of the time we was unable to see them, since turning off images was only one way to have a little extra speed out of a dial-up modem. More than a decade later, the entire Internet has changed. Broadband Internet via cable and DSL connections is become the standard in the developed world, and Web pages can use more complex elements — tons of images, different effects and even video — to deliver content. We can even stream full movies from the Internet to our computers without waiting for files to download! As huge as the shift to higher resolution monitors, broadband speeds, a second trend has had a major impact on the World Wide Web as it exists today.

As phone technology has grown more advanced and less expensive, smartphones have become an integral part of the Internet daily xperience. Mobile devices represent a key gateway to the Web for millions and millions of users today. In many parts of the world, the window to the Internet is not on a 23-inch monitor. It’s on a 3-inch phone screen. Even cheap “dumb” phones without touch screens or powerful hardware can surf the Web. Enter the mobile Web site.

Because the popularity of mobile Internet usage has arrived high-speed Internet service 3G networks and now 4G network, more powerful computer hardware mobile users have the ability to surf the net via a mobile phone and developers of online content have a unique challenge. Web sites designed for big monitors, fast computers and fast Internet lean heavily on graphics and cutting edge programming that doesn’t always work on the smaller screens and slower networks of mobile devices.

The solution lies in mobile Web sites where pages are specifically tailored to work on smaller devices and deliver important content. With the smart phones like iphone and android phones becoming the standard, your customers don’t want to pinch and squeeze to try to find your phone number, your coupons, your address, map, etc. They want a quick and easy way to find the information fast using their mobile phone.

Other difficulties when accessing a standard website from a mobile device include the enormous amount of content and interactive elements these websites usually have, which will take ages to load with a mobile internet connection, or the impossibility to access the information because buttons in the website are too small for touchscreens or we are asked to input a lot of information, which is rather hard using a smartphone compared to a desktop computer.

1. The picture Before is your mobile device seeing our standard desktop website. Everything is squeezed to fit the display size of the mobile device.
2. Now look at the picture After and this is what an optimized website looks like on a smartphone.

Though mobile Web sites are intentionally simpler than full sites, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to build. Mobile Web sites still require attention to design and technology, and the strict limitations of mobile hardware don’t make things any easier.

How does it work on real example?

Introduction:  Your current website it won’t be changed. To create a mobile website it either no needs to be a new domain name with our technology is designed and receives special treatment by the search engines for being a mobile website. We create special code which will be install on your current home page of your .com or similar website. We will install it for you free of charge or you can do it yourself or ask your web designer to install for you. This is done so anytime your desktop website is viewed by a mobile device it automatically redirects the mobile user to your fast, optimized and quick to load mobile website. This code understands the requirements of 5,000 different mobile devices and renders your mobile website to their mobile device for viewing optimization.

Step by Step production process

Step 1:  We will setup 15 min online meeting with you if you have any questions regarding our technology before you place an order.

Step 2:  After order is placed we will start to build your Home page, Google GPS location, Social Sharing and all mention additional pages in your order. Depend which package you choose it can take from 3-10 working days to be finalized.

Step 3:  After mobile website is finalized, we will send to you the link and wait for your approval.

Step 4:  After all changes are done if have any, we can proceed with uploading website to the server it will take 1 hour.

Step 5: We will create special code for you. The code need to be installed on your current home page of your .com or similar website. We can install it for you or you can do it yourself or ask your web designer to install for you.

Step 6:  Your will be pointed to the mobile server and it can take up to 8 hours for internet propagation to be completed and go online.

Step 7:  We will send you your login for your new mobile website, how you can request changes in the future to be done one your mobile website. You will have up to 5 changes per month free of charge.

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