QR Code ( “Quick Response”) is a mobile phone readable barcode that’s been big in Japan forever, broke into Europe a while back, and is now getting traction in worldwide including Dubai.

A growing number of companies in Dubai, UAE are using QR codes to connect the digital and physical worlds. When scanned, they take users to mobile sites landing page to provide consumers with a dynamic experience. The codes can only hold 2-3 kilobytes of data, but that is generally more than enough to make them highly valuable for businesses looking for an edge in the robust mobile marketing industry.

QR codes provide something physical that consumers can handle, providing a unique experience that is otherwise unobtainable through traditional methods. The codes have gained acclaim as an eco-friendly form of advertising as well. The fact that their content can be changed without generating new codes means that waste is minimal.

Many innovations have come with the advent of the digital age and QR codes are among the most successful advances in mobile marketing in recent years.

Mobile Website Qr code Marketing Dubai

In size (2cm ² to several m²), 2D codes can be edited, printed, distributed on any media type tangible clipboard, poster, screen (TV, movies, computer, mobile) on the packaging of a product, a monument in the street next to a painting in a museum, and even food, the list is endless.

The QRCode becomes its popularity and the number of existing practical applications, the most widely used international standard in the world. QR codes help your business stand out to your current customer, attract new customers, and keep up in the competitive digital market space.

Customers can scan a code with any QR code reader instantly linking to your marketing message on mobile website. Codes allows you to add your QR code to your emails, envelopes, product labels, posters and many other types of marketing and promotional materials.

You can offer your customers promotions, coupons, product alerts, videos and customer support phone numbers. The possibilities are endless with QR code marketing. Most importantly, you can track, test and learn to improve your future QR code campaigns. Integrate your physical and digital marketing with Mobile Web Media in Dubai. Get Started Today!

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